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Associate Principal & Engineering Group Leader

James Del Monaco


Exploring Challenges in Existing Building Automation Systems

ASHRAE Journal, April 2021

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    Often, engineers design with a focus on the "peaks and valleys " when working on building automation systems (BAS), said James Del Monaco, P.E., Member ASHRAE, chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.4 Control Theory and Application. But he says, "to properly design the system we need to also understand all points in-between."

    From designing BAS to work properly from the start or troubleshooting issues after construction, engineers need to know common system challenges and misapplications when working with existing BAS. Del Monaco and other engineers dive into accessible tips to diagnose problems efficiently and provide recommendations and best practices for assessment tools and techniques.

    Most Common Issues

    Righ Component, Right Place

    "Make sure you've got the right component for the job and that it's put in the right place" said Chris Benson, P.E., Member ASHRAE, member of TC 1.4. For instance, Benson, an associate director of sustainability and energy at the University of Utah, said building pressure sensors are poorly located, which can result in issues with stability and personal comfort.

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