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Port of Long Beach

Middle Harbor Terminal Redevelopment

  • Location

    Long Beach, CA
  • Facility Type

    Port Container Terminal, Wharf, Administration Building, IT Building
  • Project Dates

  • Construction Cost

    $1.3 billion
  • Size

    4,280 SF of wharf, 300 Acres of backland improvements
  • Market

    Ports & Harbors
  • Awards

    ACEC CA, Engineering Excellence Awards, Grand Award, 2022
  • With a focus on future demand loads, the Port of Long Beach (POLB) selected P2S to design a new and improved electrical infrastructure for its Middle Harbor region, including shore power, lighting and other key improvements. The Middle Harbor Terminal (MHT) is the first fully-automated and electrified container terminal in the country. The power infrastructure has the capacity to fully support not only typical terminal needs (medium voltage quay cranes, site lighting, and building distribution), but also “greener” port technologies such as shore-to-ship power, LED high-mast lighting and electrified rail-mounted gantry cranes in the container yard. The MHT is projected to increase throughput at POLB by as much as 50% and create 14,000 permanent jobs in Southern California.

    Challenges were numerous on this project and ranged from coordination with Southern California Edison (SCE) and the Tenant to forecast terminal demand, designing the infrastructure to be installed and operated adjacent to an oil production facility, designing the infrastructure so that the terminal could be operated in its phased, north-to-south approach, designing the infrastructure to be installed adjacent to an operating terminal and building in flexibility to the program-wide design to allow for changes due to varying site conditions and Tenant requirements.

    One standout design solution is the implementation of shore-to-ship power which includes electrical interlocking schemes and HMI-driven operating procedures that makes the process of plugging and unplugging container ships safer and more streamlined. The terminal also features two Battery Exchange Buildings – the first of their kind in the Western Hemisphere – which utilize the Tenant’s Battery Exchange System to provide automated battery charging and exchanges of Automated Guided Vehicle batteries. P2S was the Prime Consultant for the second Battery Exchange Building, which was completed in late 2022.

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  • Solutions

    Administration Building
    As part of the Pier E Middle Harbor Terminal development, P2S provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering design for the $19.5 million LEED Gold targeting Administration Building. It is a 22,000 SF, two-story building housing executive offices and automated equipment operating stations. The building also contains one of the redundant server rooms for the automated container handling systems. The building has site PV and allowance for future rooftop PV arrays

    South Roadability Station
    The $2.6 million South Roadability station includes a LEED Silver minimum targeting building and adjacent covered repair lanes totaling approximately 9,300 SF. The facility includes the office/locker/restroom building and parts and tire storage. The truck inspection and minor repair canopy accommodate up to seven lanes and requires additional hose reels, lighting and utility connection. P2S provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm, and LEED Documentation services for this Middle Harbor Redevelopment-related project.

    South Battery Exchange Building
    P2S served as the prime consultant providing design and construction support services for the construction of the 11,900 SF, single-story, South Battery Exchange Building at Pier E Middle Harbor Terminal. The building functions as the back-up for the existing North BXB which was completed in 2015. The ventilation system was designed to limit hydrogen concentration in the building and be compatible with custom battery exhaust hood operations.

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