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East Whittier City School District

District-Wide Technology Upgrades

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    Whittier, CA
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    Technology upgrades are fundamental to improving the East Whittier City School District (EWCSD). The District accommodates approximately 8,700 students spread throughout 14 campuses. Recently, EWCSD conducted a pilot study of using new classroom presentation technology. As a method to enhance the student learning experience district-wide, this new presentation technology will be deployed in all classrooms. In addition, P2S will provide video surveillance design and horizontal communication cabling where needed.

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  • Solution

    As the dynamic between instructors and their students continues to shift towards a reliance on technology, upgrading the classroom hardware will modernize the learning experience. Visualizing concepts is made easier as each classroom gets equipped with a short-throw projector operated by an audiovisuals control panel. We’ll provide screen sharing capabilities through both wireless and hard connections to prompt collaboration. Plus, the voice amplification system and upgrades to the clock, bell and paging system will keep communication clear in the classroom and throughout the campus. To improve campus safety, P2S will configure the video surveillance system to provide views of the campus perimeter, main entrance/exit locations, main corridors and campus gathering areas. The surveillance system design will include design of cameras, cabling, cable pathways, network video switches and video storage.

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