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Northridge Facility CM

  • On-site, on-demand construction management services

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  • Project Overview

    3M’s Northridge facility is a manufacturing plant for its Drug Delivery Systems Division (DDSD) where they make Inhalation Drug Delivery (IDD) and Transdermal Drug Delivery (TDD) products. The division is highly regulated by US and international health agencies and their facility must comply with specific construction requirements. Our construction management division is assisting 3M to maintain compliance with these standards as they undertake various projects at the Northridge facility.

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  • Solution

    P2S construction management (CM) is the link between the general contractor and 3M. We’re responsible for safety, quality, contractor performance, contractor coordination, documentation, communication and cost tracking across all assigned projects. We’ll also ensure that contractors develop a schedule that reflects the project’s critical paths and major milestones. Our team is currently providing on-site construction management services for the IDD and TDD manufacturing areas and has overseen many other construction efforts including office rebuilds and a hazardous material storage area.

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