2023 LIT Lighting Design Awards | P2S

2023 LIT Lighting Design Awards

We're thrilled to share that P2S has been honored with the Energy Saving Lighting Systems category award as part of the LIT Lighting Design Awards for our contribution to the UC Riverside Student Success Center. This accolade recognizes our innovative approach to energy-efficient lighting design in a significant educational facility.

The award-winning lighting design, led by Gary Jewell and Ellie Motevalian, features the Paseo - an open, airy atrium that beautifully integrates indirect lighting with architectural elements, creating a visually comfortable and energy-efficient space. Our design aligned with Richard Kelly’s principles, showcasing focal glow, ambient luminescence, and play of brilliants in lighting. The project's success is further underscored by exceeding California's Title 24 energy savings requirements by over 15% and achieving LEED Gold certification, despite the challenges posed by budget constraints and the COVID-19 pandemic​​.

Learn more about this award here.

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