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Diversity at P2S

Diversity is celebrated and encouraged, fostering an inclusive environment where a wide range of perspectives and experiences contribute to the company's success.

Breaking Barriers with
Robin Thorne & Ann Bonney

Embark on a journey into the heart of the AEC industry with Ann Bonney and Robin Thorne, two visionaries shaping the landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Robin Thorne opens the door to her own transformative experiences, offering valuable wisdom on navigating diversity in a traditionally homogeneous field. Meanwhile, Ann Bonney pulls back the curtain on P2S Inc.'s groundbreaking DEI initiatives, providing an exclusive first look at the company's plans for a more inclusive future. Tune in to elevate your understanding and become part of the change.

Our Mission

At P2S, our high-performance teams create innovative, resilient, and sustainable solutions for our clients.

P2S is one of the best in our line of work because our inclusive and empowering culture fosters diversity of talent and employee growth and excellence.

We are committed to:

  • Recruiting, hiring, engaging, and developing a wide range of top talent.
  • Providing transparent and fair paths to success throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • Consistently evaluating and upgrading our employment practices to ensure diversity, inclusion, and a great employee experience.

P2S Commitment to Pay Equity

P2S is steadfast in cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and empowering environment that champions growth and distinction. We pledge to seek, onboard, engage, and nurture a broad spectrum of exceptional talent, ensuring they have transparent and equitable opportunities throughout their journey with us. This dedication is manifested by our continuous efforts to refine our human capital strategies, with pay equity at the forefront.

Annually, P2S collaborates with external agencies such as EEOC, DFEH, and AAP for pay equity assessments, and we also initiate our internal pay equity review alongside our performance evaluations. Should we identify compensation variances that aren't grounded in job role, hierarchy, individual merit, experience, or geographic location, we take prompt corrective action.

As P2S flourishes and our team expands, our commitment to equitable compensation remains unwavering. We pledge to consistently learn, adapt, and enforce policies that underscore fairness throughout our organization.

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