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Commissioning Management Services (CxMS)


Meet the Team

  • Bryant Mercado, PE, CxA, CEM, BECxP, CxA+BE

    Cx Group Leader & Service Segment Leader Cx
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    P2S Cx Group Leader David Howard talks CxMS and reveals the value this new service can bring to your facility. Learn how CxMS:

    Manages the Cx process offsite by using cloud and mobile technologies, along with limited, highly focused site visits

    Covers all Cx activities from pre-design to the end of the warranty period

    Lowers costs compared to traditional Cx

  • Webinar Presenter: David Howard

    David Howard brings over 30 years of experience in building commissioning and construction. He explains how CxMS works and how it's designed to be a cost-effective and flexible option to deliver building commissioning to clients anywhere.

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The recording of our CxMS webinar features P2S Cx Group Leader David Howard discussing the service and its applications. David and the Cx team also answer audience questions. If you have questions after watching the recording, please do not hesitate to email the Cx team. We'd be happy to give you an answer.

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