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Cal State University, Northridge

Designed in collaboration with Gensler, CSUN Maple Hall is a landmark facility for the campus—a place where every student will engage, making it a central part of their CSUN experience.

Focused Design

Defining and Delivering Modern Learning Spaces: What constitutes a 'modern learning environment' in a post-pandemic world, and how can we create collaborative spaces that meet these evolving criteria?

Modern Learning in Natural Light

In this episode, we explore the need for modern learning environments post-pandemic, the integration of advanced technologies for energy efficiency, and the innovative design features that make Maple Hall a central and memorable part of every student's experience at CSUN.

Tune in to hear: Gensler Principal and Design Director, David Herjeczki, AIA, LEED AP, Heidi Hampton, AIA, Gensler Senior Associate, Studio Director, and Aravind Batra, PE, LEED AP, LC, P2S Vice President, Principal

Functionality in Central Spaces

Maple Hall's design effectively addresses the local climate, ensuring both indoor and outdoor spaces are comfortable and engaging. The atrium, a central feature in the design, enhances natural light distribution and aids in navigation throughout the facility.

Exceeds Expectations

With an EUI of 22(kBtu/ft²), this collaborative design exceeded the initial target of 25.

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