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Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC)

US Navy: P-907 Pier & Vessel Maintenance Facility

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Specialty Subconsultants


Critical Designs

The Project

In 2017, Naval Base Kitsap sought to enhance its Transit Protection Program with a comprehensive pier and Vessel Maintenance Facility (VMF). The project consists of a pier for two 250ft blocking vessels; a fuel facility with two 20,000gal underground routed storage tanks, support for the P-932 future expansion, and an 18,290sf VMF complete with three high bays, production areas, boat wash, and administrative space.

From the outset, the project presented unique challenges that required technical expertise and strategic project management to execute successfully.

The Plan

  • Lead a design-bid-build pursuit as the prime consultant, managing interdisciplinary scope requirements, 14 specialty subconsultants; and an unexpected addition to the team—the global pandemic.
  • Turn critical, geotechnical findings into defining moments for the team; protecting project integrity and strengthening client relationships.
  • Design for certification: Green Building Initiatives (GBI) Guiding Principles Compliance New Construction for Department of Defense (GPC NC DoD Program).

The Precision

Energy modeling and life cycle cost analysis were conducted to select mechanical systems and optimize energy performance. The estimated Energy Utilization Index (EUI): 43.1 (kBtu/ft²).

Conducted per UFC 1-200-02 and ASHRAE 90.1-2013 Appendix G guidelines, the facility design meets UFC 1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Building requirements. See the average EUI across other facility types.

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Scopes Guides, Strategy Responds

With a team of 14 subcontractors and a set of specialized skills for each, dividing the work into distinct scopes allowed P2S to streamline processes and maintain clarity throughout the project.

Our processes and protocols are always in place but designed with a level of flexibility to remain agile in the face of unexpected hurdles, ensuring we can adapt to the unique challenges of every project.

Show Up During Times of Crisis

Critical findings from the geotechnical investigation revealed that the ground was liquefiable and challenging the initial pier design. Though not required, our proactive collaboration with WSP during the project's temporary suspension enabled us to develop alternative solutions.

Our dedication to the design process helped transform a challenging situation into an opportunity that strengthened our working relationship.

Specialized teams

A dual-team approach was instrumental in effectively addressing the complexities of this project. By forming specialized work-teams for both the Pier and the Vessel Maintenance Facility (VMF), we ensured that each area received focused attention and efficient resource utilization. This strategy allowed us to manage the intricate demands of the project, maintaining high standards of quality and performance across all scopes of work.

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Encourage Interdisciplinary QC

By implementing a rigorous QC process, we are able to consistently deliver beyond the standard. We built in four weeks to QC (two weeks for review and two for comment resolution) – ensuring a comprehensive review of all design considerations and multiple expert perspectives.

This practice is particularly important in federal projects, where compliance with standards like the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) and ASHRAE is non-negotiable.

Set Milestones Together

Regular meeting cadences and pull-planning sessions helped translate complex schedules and requirements into manageable tasks. By physically visualizing project milestones and leveraging collaborative tools, we reinforce a culture of accountability, continuous improvement and proactive problem-solving.

This structured approach enabled us to meet stringent deadlines and adhere to the client's Construction Cost Limitation (CCL). These outcomes are pivotal in government projects where funding cycles dictate project viability.

At P2S, we don’t just draft plans—acting as both engineers and project managers, our dual role perspective fosters cohesive teamwork and swift decision-making. This hands-on involvement ensures that potential issues are pre-empted and resolved before escalation, a critical factor in maintaining project momentum and morale.

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The success of the P-907 project at Naval Base Kitsap is a testament to P2S’s ability to manage complex federal projects with precision and proactive leadership.

Amidst an evolving landscape, P2S remains a constant. By ensuring engagement is both high-level and hands-on, P2S has built a reputation for strategic teaming and effectively navigating the nuances inherent to the federal sector. With an expanding presence in key markets, we extend our gratitude to our clients, subcontractors, and teams across the coast. We look forward to continue building these relationships and delivering projects that speak to the caliber of a partnership promised when working with P2S.

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