Energy Market Segment Leader

Clay A. Sandidge

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Clay A. Sandidge is a senior project manager and founding principal of Muni-Fed Energy, now a part of P2S Inc. He has 30 years of experience in project development and renewable energy solutions. Throughout his career he has focused on providing integrated solutions to private industry, ports, utilities, developers, petroleum facilities, manufacturers and government clients.

Clay has completed various notable projects like the development of AERAS Technologies emissions control technology for ships at berth, as well as co-developer of a proposed aerial tram people mover system in Long Beach, CA. His core competency is in the alternative and renewable energy arena where he works on new technology development, energy efficiency and technology deployment including solar, battery storage, thermal energy storage, energy resource management and more energy efficient LED lighting for municipal street lighting.

He is also focused on the development of policy initiatives that facilitate the introduction and growth of renewable energy technologies for environmental projects and air quality emission reduction strategies.